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Physician marketing platform that drives prescriptions

Get 20% higher prescriptions, 50% better campaign results with a top rated Pharma Marketing suite

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What We Solve

AI product suite that helps drive prescriptions across all touch points i.e, increase relevant footfalls to prescribers by 20-40%, help increase in effectiveness of medical rep by 20% giving better nudges, improve effectiveness and transparency of physician campaigns by 50%.

Our Product Suite


+20% patients per physician.

It takes years for a cancer patient to be detected from their first symptoms.

Shorten the digital journey by 50%
-Patient access maps by ZIP code and therapy area
-Physician Prioritization


+30% response rates.

Physician & rep responses are proportional to the quality of the profile.

DocProfile platform provides
– Omni-profile (profile for each channel)
– Psychographic analysis
– Content of interest
– Network of clinician brand alignment


+50% engagement

Do your clinician campaigns increase prescriptions?

Get better physician change in prescribing behaviour with
– Transparent channel selection
– Transparent results
– remarketing and direct campaign

WhatsApp PharmaBots

+50% response rates

Is your communication with Clinicians, reps and patients on the channel they are on.

Our bot platform provides
– Better physician communication and auto responses
– Better linkage to CRM
– Dashboard and reports

Why our clients prefer us

Multiplier offers an AI powered marketing platform for specialty pharma to help target & engage patients on a large scale. Our differentiators are:


International brands


Increase in patient footfalls


Database of doctors by speciality


Patient records