Multiplier AI Solutions


Marketing platform that is focused on driving sales

For pharma, governments and consulting firms helping increase reach, frequency and sales

We work with Global leaders

What We Solve

AI powered product suite provides deep insights and actionable frameworks. This helps Pharma marketing team increase physician driven prescriptions UPTO 40%, improving the sales outcomes for medical representatives by 30% for EVERY meeting. This in turn builds trust and trasparency and improves business outcome.

Our solution also helps the Hospital marketing team increase in-patient conversions by focussed physician marketing, increasing the Hospital outreach to patient community and brand value of the hospital.

Our Product Suite


Grow your prescriptions with +20% patients per physician
Get more prescriptions by physicians from Google
Get your listing at the top of the search result CONSISTENTLY
Give physicians higher visibility, greater outreach


30% higher conversion from physician meetings
Physician response is based on quality of medical representative's insights
DocProfile platform provides – Omni-profile (profile for each channel)
– Psychographic analysis
– Content of interest
– Network of clinician brand alignment


+50% targeting of physicians
Improve physician targeting
In-house a high reach platform
- Transparent channel selection
- Remarketing
- Transparent results
- ln-house platform

WhatsApp PharmaBots

+50% response rates, engage 24x7
Communicate with physicians, reps and patients on their PREFERRED channel
Give auto responses
- Link to CRM
- Value driven dashboards

Give auto responses
– Link to CRM
– Value driven dashboards

Why our clients prefer us

Multiplier offers an AI powered marketing platform for speciality pharma to help target & engage patients on a large scale. Our differentiators are:


International brands


Increase in patient footfalls


Database of doctors by speciality


Patient records