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WhatsApp Chatbot API for Healthcare


WhatsApp Chatbot API for Healthcare

The current century is deemed as era of going Automated, from the very beginning of this century, there has been tremendous growth in the area of science and automation that was never witnessed by us Humans ever. The healthcare sector is constantly evolving to provide quality treatment and healthcare services, that is where the use of sophisticated software and smart use of technology suffice the highly increasing necessity. The Health sector has always been the greatest proponents of Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning. The Health Industry started using this software for numerous sub-realms such as from improving the delivery system of healthcare services, cutting down costs and handling patient data to the development of new treatment procedures and drugs, remote monitoring and so much more.

Ever thought of integrating a WhatsApp chatbot in the medical industry? The first thought which strikes your mind is why do we need a chatbot in the medical field? It’s simple, the ratio of doctor to population is very high. For instance, when taken the case of India, the ratio is for every 1457 citizens there’s one doctor. The real problem statement is will this ratio suffice the balance of the doctor – citizen relation?

That is where Chatbot steps in, it may not substitute healthcare staff, yet it gives us a fair chance for saving time in diagnosis of any problem, and also they are personalized so they are your personal medical assistant which reminds you to take proper care of yourself. Also, a chatbot is available for 24×7 so you can be diagnosed without delay, and in case of emergencies diagnosed, it will give you a quicker response for you to save time in informing nearby hospitals along with emergency contact numbers as well.

Broadly, WhatsApp helps with the following in Healthcare

For Hospitals: It not just provides basic customer support features but also helps Hospital with tools like symptom checker, find a doctor, book an appointment, find nearest centre, provides prescription to the patient, information on surgery during covid pandemic and much more. A customized solution created recently was to parse the medical reports of patient uploaded through WhatsApp and help patients understand their medical report and provides risk score to the patient.
For Doctors: It helps patients to book appointment directly through WhatsApp and also provides medical prescription to the patient post consultation. Also helps in weekly/monthly announcements and much more…

The perks of WhatsApp chatbot are:-


WhatsApp API

We can help you with the WhatsApp API so you can integrate it with your CRM/Product/Website based on your custom needs. If you are looking for an instant WhatsApp business API or WhatsApp enterprise API, don’t miss out this webpage: WhatsApp-Integration

WhatsApp is always a better customer engagement platform:

Out of all criteria determining a successful company, the first one is always customer engagement platform and WhatsApp is deemed to be the finest of its kind. Unlike most platforms, WhatsApp provides with the opportunity to direct the conversation between customer and representatives of Business. For short and active conversation WhatsApp is second to none.

Remote Analysis:

WhatsApp chatbot provides us with expanding the structured healthcare industry to personalized concept wherein anyone and everyone can use it to diagnose or take a mobile consultation or get frequent personalized tips anytime, anywhere. It could have endless possibilities in accordance to the increase in the consumers and their requirements.

Paramedic Support:

WhatsApp chatbot is so flexible and easy to use that it has specific features which helps the user in emergencies. In case of Emergencies the user can use the specific code of SOS which allows the user to contact paramedics and they can rush to the required person’s house or site of emergency.

Update on Lab Reports:

Easily keep a check on your pending reports using the WhatsApp chatbot personalized just for you. Pinpoints nearby diagnostic and testing centers, find out the comparison of price of various tests from various diagnostic centers are also one of the various uses of the bot.

Daily Health Tips:

WhatsApp chatbot for healthcare can easily send daily health tips which are incorporated to ensure your better living and personal hygiene. This will also help enhance your brand value.

Addressing FAQs:

A medical chatbot programmed to recur the answers in a repetitive way for important queries from patients to improve the patient experience and patient guidance. Also at the same time saving ample time for the medical staff.

A WhatsApp chatbot for healthcare can be customized for personalized experience and for answering specific frequently asked questions, such as how to calculate BMI, or symptoms for jaundice etc. Smooth and instant replies , both side conversations, without the need for calling the clinic or the support center, will also help inculcate in maintaining a brand community.

Medicine Reminders

Health care bots can be used as an effective reminding tool to check on patients to periodically consume their medicines on time.

Health Insurance Guidance

means hectic schedule with documentation, receipts, and generic queries. But now patients can now access their queries easily using Health care bots. Necessary documents submission is also incorporated by scanning and uploading them in the chat itself.

Internal Team Coordination

Health care bot works on making life easier for the medical employees. Information like availability status or equipment status, paramedic status, machines status, etc. can be easily fetched through a simple query in the Health care Chatbot.


Payments were never so easy! Patients can now stream the use of the bot to swipe the payments online in a secured format while booking a visit to the doctor, simplifying and streamlining the process furthermore by the step-wise procedure that was a remarkable query for patients.

Booking Appointment

Health care chatbot easily schedules appointments with specified doctors based on their availability, in case of absence of any one doctor, the bot suggests for an alternative doctor. The bot also specializes in keeping track of follow-ups and visits of particular patients.

Symptom Assessment

Any patient can easily using the WhatsApp on their phone and assess their situation by streamlining their symptoms to the health care chatbot. In accordance to the symptoms mentioned, the bot can cumulate the results and instruct the patient to the relevant specialist.

Many companies and hospitals are providing the chatbot service, but Multiplier AI
Solutions is focused on Healthcare developed 7 years of expertise working with top Hospitals and Pharma companies. We have tailored WhatsApp solutions customized for healthcare needs. The integrated product suite utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to improve diagnostics, predict the clinical outcomes, and drive personalized marketing for healthcare providers. You can associate with Multiplier’s Analytics suite through a Chatbot. It can filter through information, analyze the relevant information, and present the analysis just like a personal data analyst would do. To add, it learns and improves its analysis with every executed campaign and every data record added.​

About Multiplier:

We are an AI-based healthcare analytics & marketing company. Over the past 7 years of deep domain expertise has been developed to roll out solutions for large enterprises. We have replaced Salesforce (NH) and IBM Watson (Manipal) in their showcase implementation. Recently, we have deployed telemedicine software which integrates EMR & facility for doctors to connect on video/audio call with the patient.

Multiplier AI Solutions – which is not just providing World Class services to Top tier Hospital chains but is also extending its contribution to innovation in the healthcare industry with its unique software solutions include online consultation and video conferencing.

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