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Using Artificial intelligence (AI) for Better Doctor Segmentation for Pharma Marketing

Using Artificial Intelligence (ai) For Better Doctor Segmentation For Pharma Marketing

Using Artificial intelligence (AI) for Better Doctor Segmentation for Pharma Marketing

Increased availability of healthcare data and the brisk pace of progress in analytics techniques havebrought about a paradigm shift in pharmaceutical marketing strategies. This adoption of evolved marketing techniques backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI), in turn, has ensured precision targeting and segmentation, fruitful customer engagement and individualized multi-channel marketing and precision in sales messaging… all of these leading topatient adherence to medicationensuring long-term customer retention for pharma companies.

Like most of the other healthcare industry sectors, AI was confined to infatuation even for pharmaceutical companies as well for a long time. However, with the emergence of with fastupgrades in computer processing,sales and marketing teams of pharma companies are able to put their plans in practice. Robust AI has allowed them to put in place efficient segmentation process allowing effective and inclusive targeting, of doctors as well as their patients. While advanced machine learning algorithms are helping pharmaceutical digital marketing teams identify physicians who would likely prescribe a specific medical or surgical regime, omni-channel marketing in pharma using AI is allowing companies send communications to a potential group of customers through preferred and acceptable channels.

Why doctor profiling/segmentation?

  • Engage with HCP/doctors. Social listening gives you opportunities to engage with your customers about your brand
  • Track competitors
  • Find pain points
  • Discover new leads
  • Identify influencers and advocates
  • Learn from your competition
  • Collaborate with other teams.


Doctor profiling/segmentation core features:

  • Social media handles mapping
  • Social activity profiling
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Insights from open payments data

AI allows physician segmentation based on their prescribing behavior,their network, and lifetime prescribing value. This doctor segmentation is allowing pharma sales team to jump on their go-to-market strategies built on experience-based decisions which now, post AI confirmation, has the validation of data-driven insights.

Pharmaceutical company sales and marketing teams often have minimal time and resources at the hour of needs to grab the attention of busy-scheduled healthcare professionals who are more likely prescribe their products to patients. In today’s highly competitive environment, where conventional communications such as sales pitches and emails have lost their efficacy, marketing strategists require highly specific customer information in order to create efficient messages to engage them on an entirely new level of precision.

Artificial intelligence and effective marketing strategies are the way to accomplish this. Evolved AI tools empowermarketing teams to discoverskilled physicians along with their patient level insights. All these enable pharma marketing teams design precision strategies to deliver superior business results.

Optimizing the performance of abrand requires alignment of brand value and potential of sales keeping in mind the larger scenario of specific market need. To make this optimization possible,Artificial Intelligence is the way to go. With its help it can be determinedprecisely which doctors are more likely to prescribe their specific drugs. AIempowers strategists to create marketing channels physicians are most likely to respond to, and help in creating targeted messaging that will bring about the biggest impact.

AI tools and machine learning are equally impactful when engaging patients in a conversational way about a product’s value, which will spur interest in the consumer making him a potential subscriber. Detailed and insightful engagement help consumers make evidence-based decisions leading to growth in sales. Note that this is happening while pharma companies are not using huge resources to maximize returns. On the contrary, minimal resource is being used to optimize outcome.

It is also important to note that such situations a possible when pharma firmsare empowered with the necessary AI andmachine learning strategy. The organizationsmust possesssuperior machine learning and analytics technology andhave access to quality industry data, all backed by the technical expertise to generate meaningful insights. A combination of these tools can change the marketing strategy, and give sales teams an edge in the marketplace.

Real-life deployment of AIhelps doctors in the areas of early detection and diagnosis, and treatment, especially in cardiology, cancer and neurology as these are the major conditions that us AI extensively. It also allows physicians predict the outcome accurately and while helping in prognosis evaluation.

For doctors to achieve such meaningful results, it is important to accuratelytarget skilled HCP of repute. AI can help pharma companies in more accurate HCP targeting by creating useful insights from multi-dimensional doctor profiles. AI can also help analyzing HCP patient potential, professional associations as well as degree of innovativeness, etc.

Although pharma companies have started embracing AI, there is still much more left to be done. What we have discussed here so far are some potential advantages which are yet to be put to full practice by pharma companieswhere the use of AI is limited to R&D and clinical phases. The huge potential of it in the sales and marketing arena are largely underused. By combining the advantages of AI backed physician segmentation and strategic marketing plans, pharma companiescan reap huge business benefits while contributing to patient well-being all at once.

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