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At least one and frequently 2 levels of authentication are used. When Client provides access to Multiplier Solutions, it will be password protected such that only the concerned person available at Multiplier Solutions will be able to access it.
If database is in the client server (private cloud), then connection will happen by whitelisting Multiplier IP address and by user authentication.
If the database is available in cloud then Multiplier will help the client to have a stable connection following security policy.
There will be a single point of contact at Multiplier Solutions who will be taking care of private cloud available with the Client.
All access/processing task will be routed through one person.

Data can be accessed by limited persons secured with a user authentication. Only few persons will be authorized at Multiplier Solutions to access the data for the processes (ETL, Analysis, Execution and Reporting).

Encryption and Decryption

Multiplier Solutions follows industry standard encryption algorithm – AES 256.
We will be using encryption techniques which will be applied before processing the data. Client can let us know if they want specific columns only encrypted.
Regarding the billing data, critical information will be encrypted such as mobile numbers, email IDs and address.

Logs, Logins and Users

1. Once the data is available in MSSQL format, users will be created so as to trace the logs/events.

2. Log files allow client to keep an audit of users accessing the data and also the timeframe in which they accessed.

3. Multiplier Solutions will help in creating the logs/events

4. There will be only one user/account created for us, using which we will be able to perform ETL on the data

5. Only the required columns will be available in MSSQL

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