Multiplier Digital Marketing Suite:

Multiplier Digital Marketing Suite is the most popular Digital Marketing Suite across leading Healthcare Brands of the Country.

Problems in Healthcare Digital Marketing are:

1. Lack of Clinical Knowledge
2. No AI Powered Tools for targeting.
3. Getting Leads that don’t convert.
4. Lack of knowledge of Integration with Leading HIS, LIMS, EMR, CRM and other Software.

Multiplier Digital Marketing will help to increase revenue conversions by 80% to 100%

Multiplier Solutions is the leader in patient acquisition and engagement and is relied by 7 of top 10 healthcare chains in India. We bring in a learning experience and the ability to deliver to pan India.

Multiplier Digital Marketing provides support for better SEM and other forms of Digital Marketing. It is supported by high quality lead consulting for each phase of the project SEM and Analytics.

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Digital marketing consistently reduces the total marketing spend and increases ROI in practically every industry. Multiplier digital tracking system enables traceability of campaigns with insights to improve revenue per spend by optimizing cost per click.

Provides end to end support covering all aspects to execute a successful campaign starting from campaign suggestion, landing page creation, setup and optimization of SEM, procedure specific targeting, capturing of leads, follow-up with leads and tracking of conversions so hospital marketing team can effectively streamline the program.

Multiplier Digital Marketing reports are focused to improve ROI by effectively distributing the budget across key procedures. Reports include detailed insights on patients in marketing funnel from Ad impressions to conversions for each procedure. Multiplier team will provide end to end support to improve patient engagement by providing detailed information as per their convenience over chat/call which inturn leads to patient satisfaction/loyalty and can improve Leads/OP to IP conversions as patient considers your hospital as preferred healthcare destination for the treatment.

Role of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry:

With the increase in digitalization, there is an increase in searches over time to pursue the preferred healthcare destination for selecting as a treatment option. It is safe to accept that digital marketing joined with healthcare has a pool of chances in it.

Why Multiplier for Digital Marketing:

With extensive domain knowledge and experience in digital marketing across regions in India and Abroad, Multiplier provides end to end support to marketing team across healthcare sectors to setup, manage and optimize the online marketing campaigns.

Multiplier Digital Marketing works on top marketing platforms to setup and optimize marketing spend across key procedures. Features include integration with offline camps, marketing sources, landing page setup, provides an interface for lead nurturing and ROI. With expertise in the domain, SEM, SMM, SEO, content marketing, mobile/email marketing, lead nurturing and analyze returns to fetch actionable insights, we help healthcare sectors generate best possible ROI from the optimum spend.

Get a free Audit for how much revenue we can drive for you please mail to [email protected]

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