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Multi-Channel Campaign

In today’s competitive healthcare landscape, targeted marketing is the solution chosen most often to engage consumers on their preferred channel and convert them to loyal patients.

Targeted Marketing is healthcare’s leading platform and managed marketing service for driving consumer awareness, acquisition and engagement through targeted campaigns spanning mobile, search, social, email.

When it comes to healthcare consumer engagement, targeted marketing does it all – mobile, search, social, email and – freeing our managed services team to recommend the channel and approach that data and experience demonstrate will work best to achieve your specific campaign goals.

Our Product capabilities:

Identify the ideal audience
Personalize marketing messages
Measure campaign performance

Why are most of the health care solutions failing?
1. Lack of domain knowledge and expertise
Example: The basic difference between ECG and Echo is not understood for precise targeting.
2. No end to end support
Example: Some only provide software or analytics or have limited roll out support.
3. No continuous innovative thinking to deliver ROI

Multiplier Solutions is leader in patient acquisition and engagement and is relied by 7 of top 10 healthcare chains in India. We bring in a learning experience and the ability to deliver to pan India.

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