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Mul Hosp
Best programmatic and predictive AI tools on an assured revenue model

High value patients decide your revenue . We provide an end to end program for increasing revenue by increasing new patients and existing patients in the network. Read our case study on how we replaced IBM Watson and Salesforce at each of their key clients.

Generate New Patient Footfall by focussing on High value and High Risk Patients.
Increase revenue from new patient.

Our Algorithms bring 20-50% increase in patient footfalls through digital medium

High Value Patients Decide Revenue. Our AI tools and consulting help you find and convert them across 400 procedures.

– FIND NEW HIGH VALUE PATIENTS EARLIER using programmatic artificial intelligence
– Have clear plan to be #1 on each channel for each pin code, each procedure and patient language
– Run parallel micro campaigns across 400 procedures

– ELIMINATE LOST TO FOLLOW UP using predictive artificial intelligence
– Get access to path to conversion across top procedures to identify the leakage
– Run parallel micro-conversion programs for 100 procedures

Banner With Docrank
  • Docrank Platform helps Hospitals and doctors analyse the online search potential of Patients, doctors digital influence as compared to other doctors with suggestions on how to improve their online presence.
  • This platform helps Hospitals to manage 200+ Google profiles at the same time. Get a report for each doctor on how they are performing on google and ways to improve rank and eventually generate more revenue.


Reach Patients By Online Targeting Using Ai & Ml Models
  • Understand the opportunity across procedures
  • Get access to powerful dashboard that works on top of Hospital Information System or EMR to generate insights
  • Know Your Customer and their purchase behavior
Connecting Patients And Doctors With Traceable Roi On Digital Marketing Spends 1

Identify patients who are at risk across top procedures and execute micro targeting engagement plan

How End to End Targeted Marketing Solution Works
  • Use analytics to come up with revenue plan
  • Help marketing campaigns for each key department
Analytics Technology Paltform
  • Data warehouse is setup
  • Sort, segment patients based on rist profile for each procedure & location
Campaign Execution Across Top Procedures
  • Monthly Plans for all key departments
  • Executre the camaigns
  • Provide analytics for marketing activity
Campaign ROI Reports
  • Show traceability of campaigns to OP & IP
  • Multiplier also has an assured revenue model
Banner With Online Consultation
  • Setup healthcare bot template for your end users effortlessly
  • Get access to Multilingual bots across languages
  • Get access to bot across channels – Facebook, WhatsApp, Website
  • Symptom checker bot, appointment scheduler, FAQs bot
  • Integrates with API and other healthcare systems
  • Bots for Pharma companies, Bots for Hospitals, Bots for doctors and much moreā€¦
Banner With Patient Journeys
  • AI SEM tool will Optimize performance and boost ROI
  • Hyper-local targeting at zip code level
  • Targeting in-market leads with separate landing page

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