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>Targeted Marketing

Multiplier Solutions’ analytics driven marketing platform includes Patient, Consumer, and Physician engagement solutions. Multiplier Solutions helps transform marketing and physician relations teams into revenue and profit centers with measurable ROI.

Multiplier solutions’ predictive modeling allows healthcare marketers to identify and target patients who are most likely to respond to a marketing campaign, understand historic trends and identify metrics for success.

Analytics driven marketing can help enhance and optimize targeted marketing efforts by incorporating predictive modeling. This is especially true when the predictive modeling is incorporated into the full campaign mix. Predictive modeling is used to target prospects and provide empirical information related to combining or separating campaigns.

Our platform helps to achieve the following:

How to use data science (e.g., predictive analytics) to produce actionable models to drive campaign outcomes
Generating the two predictive models
Scoring the target prospect universe
Developing campaign strategies and tests

>Patient Engagement Solution

Our analytics driven patient engagement solutions equip provider organizations participating in value-based reimbursement programs to cost effectively address the broad needs of an entire population not just high-risk patients that require support from a care manager.

Designed by our consumer engagement experts, the platform also supports rising-risk patients with digital tools that aid in the self-management of chronic conditions and low-risk patients with automated communications on wellness topics and gentle, personalized reminders about preventive care that build brand loyalty.

Together, our patient engagement solutions deliver all the capabilities your care teams need to:
• Manage population data
• Identify, assess and stratify patient cohorts
• Coordinate care across the entire patient database
• Manage patients with evidence-based or custom care plans and workflows
• Empower patients to engage in their health with interactive and intuitive digital tools
• Measure the success of your value-based care programs

Our patient engagement solutions directly support the marketing and branding teams to help reach your patients and strengthen relationships through automated digital patient engagement tools. Quite simply, we provide the most comprehensive and cost effective population health platform available for organizations that need to reduce readmissions, close gaps in care, realize improved outcomes and decrease their overall cost.

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