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Diagnostics, Pharmacy & Clinics:

Diagnostics, Pharmacy and clinics can benefit from the platform and an expert team to create better patient and provider outcomes. Multiplier Solutions has partnered with many of the leading Diagnostic chain networks with outstanding results.

Our platform allows to build and deploy multichannel tactics including email, direct mail, social and SMS. Tag and track all of your digital assets to ensure your display ads, SEM, SEO and web analytics synch with your campaign data.

Multiplier solutions not only captures members’ responses, such as intent to have a recommended screening, but also uses Multiplier solutions algorithmic propensity scoring to add a unique dimension of understanding. For example, it can reveal which members are likely to engage in healthy behaviors or which members are likely to leave the health plan next year. We apply these insights in actionable ways to influence better population outcomes and overall program results, and, most importantly, individual quality of life.

Our integrated product suite utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to improve diagnostics, predict clinical outcomes and drive personalized marketing for healthcare providers.

Machine learning/deep learning and AI are transforming the healthcare sector by providing clusters which requires special attention. Deep learning algorithms are getting more and more adept at recognizing patterns — which, in truth, is what much of diagnostics is about and can be validated using clinical algorithms.

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