Multiplier AI Solutions



Our strength is our ability to combine AI, digital tech and domain expertise to help you deliver revenue impact.

AI technology

Our expertise in healthcare related ML, NLP, Bots delivered on a fast paced model helps your initiatives roll out faster. Our expertise translates into products that provide better physician micro-targeting, next best actions and content intelligence.

Large data set ops and analytics

Large data set ops and analytics: we are experts at handling large healthcare data sets including cleaning data from sources such as EMR, social media and claims to get a unified version of truth and derive insights from the data.

Digital technology

We bring expertise in a wide range of digital technology including programmatic, script based bidding, SEO, SEM, physician engagements and patient activation.

Pharma and healthcare domain expertise

Extensive experience across pharma, medical devices and digital health helps us devise and execute programs that help you drive commercialization and research initiatives. This includes creating n=1 campaign plans for physicians, mapping patient journeys and creating plans that take care of the whole eco-system.

Medical Content

Creating effective engagement requires content built for engagement.