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Healthcare Chat:

Multiplier Solutions has been working with leading hospitals, diagnostics, clinics and home health providers to help drive patient-centric marketing and meaningful engagement.

Our integrated product suite utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to improve diagnostics, predict the clinical outcomes and drive personalized marketing for healthcare providers.

What a Chat Bot can do for you

You can interact with Multiplier’s Analytics suite through Chat bot. It can shift through millions of records, analyze them using sophisticated analytics models and respond to your questions on chat or email in seconds! It has the capability of learning continuously to improve recommendations as we go along.

You can associate with Multiplier’s Analytics suite through Chat bot. It can filter through information, analyze the relevant information and present the analysis just like a personal data analyst would do. To add, it learns and improves its analysis with every executed campaign and every data record added.​

Why Healthcare chat is such a big opportunity
At a busy day of work, Chat bot will help you to identify
– Where to focus for getting better returns from your campaigns
– What are the areas you are missing on by giving you a top down and bottoms up perspective
– Your client profile and work on your data driven priorities for maximizing the potential
– Provide an easy mode for the patients to connect and know about the services and details, thus creating the brand awareness

Integration process:

The healthcare chat can be integrated into the website with support being provided from Multiplier
Built into Multiplier’s Analytics platform, Chat Bot influences into Multiplier’s Analytics Platform and uses Machine Learning and intent analysis to process any natural language query and react with appropriate, logical, customized answers.

Chat Bot uses Multiplier’s semantic data model and analytical assets that have been developed over years and is powered by Healthcare centric logic and algorithms.

To know more, contact us at [email protected]lutions.com,Phone:8639653657,8686687113

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To know more, contact us at [email protected]s.com, Phone: 8639653657, 8686687113

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