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31 Aug 2020

Using Artificial intelligence (AI) for Better Doctor Segmentation for Pharma Marketing

Increased availability of healthcare data and the brisk pace of progress in analytics techniques havebrought about a paradigm shift in pharmaceutical marketing strategies. This adoption of evolved marketing techniques backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI), in turn, has ensured precision targeting and segmentation, fruitful customer engagement and individualized multi-channel marketing and precision in sales messaging… all […]

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27 Jul 2020

WhatsApp Chatbot API for Healthcare

The current century is deemed as era of going Automated, from the very beginning of this century, there has been tremendous growth in the area of science and automation that was never witnessed by us Humans ever. The healthcare sector is constantly evolving to provide quality treatment and healthcare services, that is where the use […]

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07 Jul 2020

Best teleconsultation app for providers

The doctor’s desk got changed post COVID! During the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the ‘keep-on-toes’ concepts which have evolved healthcare into a new dimension is telemedicine & telehealth services. With precautionary measures like social distancing and lockdown, telehealth has become a necessity by leveraging technology during the coronavirus pandemic. Did you know: Teleconsultation searches in […]

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