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Best teleconsultation app for providers

Teleconsultation (1)

Best teleconsultation app for providers

The doctor’s desk got changed post COVID!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the ‘keep-on-toes’ concepts which have evolved healthcare into a new dimension is telemedicine & telehealth services. With precautionary measures like social distancing and lockdown, telehealth has become a necessity by leveraging technology during the coronavirus pandemic.

Did you know: Teleconsultation searches in India increased by 30 times in just 2 months!

We are expecting more hospitals and doctors to line up to tele-consult on the platforms as it is no longer considered as a grey area as it is the need of the hour.


Following features are considered as essential for a telemedicine platform:


  • 100% safe, zero cloud-deployed in your server with your own brand name
  • Video consultation recording
  • Option for the doctor to view medical reports of the patient before & even during the time of consultation
  • The prescription can be written in parallel with video on the same screen
  • Reminders & instructions to the doctors & patients so they are guided well throughout the process of consultation
  • Send prescription through WhatsApp to patient
  • And most importantly, fully digital and website integration

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About Multiplier:

We are an AI-based healthcare analytics & marketing company. Over the past 7 years of deep domain expertise has been developed to roll out solutions for large enterprises. We have replaced Salesforce (NH) and IBM Watson (Manipal) in their showcase implementation. Recently, we have deployed telemedicine software which integrates EMR & facility for doctors to connect on video/audio call with the patient. 

Multiplier AI Solutions – which is not just providing World Class services to Top tier Hospital chains but is also extending its contribution to innovation in the healthcare industry with its unique software solutions include online consultation and video conferencing.

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