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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:


Multiplier Solutions has been working with leading hospitals, diagnostics, clinic​ and home health ​ providers to​ help drive patient-centric marketing and meaningful engagement.

Our integrated product suite utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to improve diagnostics, predict ​clinical ​outcomes and drive personalized marketing for healthcare providers.

Machine learning/deep learning and AI are transforming the healthcare sector by providing clusters which require special attention. Deep learning algorithms are getting more and more adept at recognizing patterns — which, in truth, is what much of diagnostics is about and can be validated using clinical algorithms.

The product suite is customized for Healthcare using algorithms like grouped by similarity, regression algorithm, cluster algorithms and helps providers reduce wait times of patient, use a structured engagement plan and in turn improves patient satisfaction​.

The product suite will help in improving patient ​loyalty and marketing ROI by enabling 1:1 dialog​. ​This​ helps​ ​high-risk patients to get detected in advance and to take the precautionary cure.​ It also strengthens the relationship between the patient and the healthcare provider.​

We provide you the power of understanding through visualization by allowing you to see data from multiple sources in real time, on one platform. That’s critical because it provides you with more than data. It gives you the power of clarity – laser-focused intelligence you need that can be used immediately across all departments. And the best part is you don’t have to take what the system gives you – you decide what exact information you want to map and manipulate. And you don’t need to be the expert.

We process billions of records each month with hundreds of models built on real-time decisioning.

More than a marketing tool, our platform uses business intelligence, consumer, physician and social media, clinical measures and much more to bring you the best solution you’ll find anywhere.

Multiplier Solutions bring 6 years of experience in working with 7 of top leading healthcare chains and on rolling out this in PAN India base.

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