Multiplier Solutions sees a future where healthcare organizations deliver precise, efficient care solutions both inside an organization’s walls and beyond. We’re continuously innovating and improving our healthcare analytics platform – a platform based on a centralized healthcare data hub and analytics engine – capable of identifying, executing, and measuring all types of engagement initiatives. The result is greater visibility into opportunities, richer engagement with providers and patients, and continuous measurement and improvement.

People’s interactions with health care are now widely acknowledged to be a central focus of health services research. In the past several decades the research community has made great strides in developing and testing frameworks and influences on numerous aspects of individuals engagement at multiple points in the increasingly complicated matter of seeking and using health care services. Individuals are expected to decide whether and when to seek care, which plans and providers meet their needs, how to manage their health, and how to cope with sometimes conflicting advice from providers and friends and family, all amplified by advances in communications and information technology. To evaluate these increased responsibilities and expectations, researchers have used an array of methods and designs, drawing on economics, psychology, sociology, and other fields to enhance our understanding of how individuals participate at these and other decision points.

At the same time, while the use of researcher-developed tools to assess patient experiences of care is now considered routine, and numerous provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act reinforce patient-centered care as pivotal to achieving high-quality, affordable care, it is also clear that individuals’ tasks are increasingly complex.

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